Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The world has come to its senses!... well, atleast disney has...

I just found a trailer for disney's latest film!...
and I'm happy to see them going back to the good ol' school art of 2d animation!
heres the teaser trailer: click me!

Spoils of War

where to start?... uh... Comic con... right... uh...
Let me think about this for a while... I'm gonna need time to process the past 9 days.
But for now, here are some spoils of war!
Hideo Kojima!... need i say more?

A few of the books I managed to get my hands on while down there. YEY! flight vol. 5. Doug TenNapel! Street Fighter... credit card... debt..... crap...

Friday, July 18, 2008



I've just seen the dark knight less than 15 hours ago and I was blown away... not only by the movie but also by one trailer... Watchmen! I came home and started this fan digital comic trailer.
Hope you all enjoy!

also, new website underconstruction:
Ren website up too: