Saturday, December 26, 2009

What I know about life thus far...

Most of my life, I always thought of ‘art’ as a side occupation while working a regular office job. I would grow up, have a family, go to the office, come home and work on art for a hour or two. But it wasn’t till recently I realized that ‘art’ is my ‘office’ job. And it is something I will do for the rest of my life.

Looking upon life as a young 23 year old, I find we all have wants and needs.

The most basic of need is food. We all need food to survive and we will do what ever it takes to find that means of survival. We all need oxygen, sleep, love.

And we all want many things; a plasma screen tv, a Ferrari, a house on the lake. But we don’t need these things.

Now, think about dreams. We all want our dreams to happen. But do we all need our dreams to happen? The truth for most people is no. We make the compromise. We get lost in the comfort of a day job.

But we can convince ourselves quite easily that we need something. Such as, I need that shirt or that pair of shoes to go to that dance... Or I need that particular stylus to do work. And we find a way to get what we need.

I’ve realized that I personally need to tell stories visually through art. I can’t survive without it and will do what ever it takes to keep telling stories! I will spend the rest of my life making that dream a reality due to the very fact that it is something I love doing, it is the only way I'll ever be happy. Therefore this is something I need!

Once something is a need, we tend to find a way.
We as humans have amazing capabilities and potential. Especially many of us fortunate in this day and age to have a roof over our heads, have money to spend on wine and Christmas presents, or watch a film in 3D... Now obviously we have regular jobs that allow for all these comforts but don’t make the mistake of turning that into an excuse.

There are no rules stopping us from making what we love into reality, the only rules are the ones we restrain upon ourselves. Never let anyone tell you that you can't do something! Whether it be your loved one or your parents. I know the discouragement that gives you first hand and it hurts.

I’ve seen a few people who get discouraged by others. They tell themselves that they’ll never be able to paint, or play like that person. But why not tell themselves that they can do just as well? Why not use that as motivation or inspiration?

I’m fortunate enough to have friends as passionate as I am. Friends who are constantly working on a dozen different projects because they love doing it.
And truthfully my friends motivate and inspire me from the work they do, the support they provide, or their involvement on my projects.

And if you think you're not 'talented' at what you love doing, I say that's bullshit. If you love something, that's talent enough.

Set your goals high. Never settle for anything less.

Dreams are life and like the great Ian Malcolm said, “life finds a way.” :)

Hope you all have a great new years! 2010 is the year! Make it happen!