Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sparky test pages

Let me know what you all think please!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Recent Happenings

I've recently been extremely busy with almost five different film productions.
One of which was a commercial competition for Doritos.
Task was to create a 30 second commercial for the new Doritos flavor.
Heres the link: Doritos ad!
If you can, please rate and comment! much appreciated!

Filmed at Industrial Island Fx. http://www.islandfx.ca/
Thanks to Simon Norton Game and Brook Hewlett.
Producer:Michael Dutson

Director:Denver Jackson/Dani Zaviceanu
Special Effects Director:Denver Jackson
DOP:Dani Zaviceanu
Animation: Denver Jackson

I was recently asked to do Storyboards for a short film title "Near Silence." This was the first time I have done boards for another production besides my own. It was a great learning opportunity and in the end, after the long hours of the day, I had a good time doing them!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mount Doug first annual Film Festival!

I was recently asked to be a judge for a high school film festival.
Grade 11's through 12's would make their own little films and submit them to finally be screened on a projector in their library.
After an evening of high school film making, I was quite impressed!
From experience, I know how much effort, work, and time film making requires. It's always refreshing to see young high school kids motivated to film and just having fun.
Anyways, I'd just like to congratulate all those kids who told their own little visual stories.

Other news.
I've just completed a short animated segment for a documentary.
The documentary is to be filmed over the period of a weekend and submitted on Sunday.
I was given the job two days ago and with the strict time restraints, I had to illustrate and animate six short shots. I chose to go with a storybook look and not focus on actual animation(drawn frames, etc). Instead I focused on detailed illustrations to convey the information needed for each shot. At this current point in time, the compositions are rendering and I am about to get some rest! Video soon to be posted!

Here are some character scans for another animated segment I did a while back. Enjoy.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009