Thursday, May 3, 2007

Calgary Comic Expo

May 3 2007

Three days ago, I was at a comic convention... and it was the best thing EVER! I tagged along on an adventurous road trip with Marc, Marlaina, who both are traveling across Canada at the very moment, and Baz. The road trip itself had its chuckles with Baz and I kinda absorbing the cluster of bedding equipment within the back seat - a foamy mattress, three pillows, and jerry... who is a pillow however, its pillow case was a shirt... hence the name of this inanimate object... Jerry....

The night before Comic Con, we all agreed that we would awaken at 10 am but I, lucky me, did not get this message and assumed we were waking up at 7am. I woke up at 8 and franticly stumbled out of the top bunk thinking I was an hour late. I had imagined Marc and Baz eating breakfast and waiting for me. I brushed my teeth, got dressed and ran downstairs to find an empty kitchen. I got to the room Marc and Baz rested in and knocked quietly on their door. Some guy opened it extremely tired and angry. I asked to see my friends who where both still asleep and he responded with the most angriest sigh you'll ever hear.
Marc kept telling me to relax and that we had tickets therefore we did not have to get there an hour early.
We arrived seeing no line up. Marc then shoved that fact in my face. I wouldn't blame him, he wanted to be in bed at that very moment.
We stepped inside seeing this...:

This is only half the line up... the other half carries on behind this one.
As long as this line up my seem, it was the most exciting and amazingly fun line up I had ever been in!
For this particular reason:

Us three totally had a geeked out seizure.

We then stepped inside to face the world of sci-fi shows and comic book artist of all kind! My friends and I are huge firefly fan's and we immediately made our way to the firefly section.

and after that...
Check it out! ITS DARTH MAUL!

We carried on around the convention meeting many cool artists who were intensely motivating and inspiring!

I can not say in words how motivated I am!
All I have to say is... WE'RE GOING AGAIN!


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