Saturday, July 7, 2007

Three weeks ago I ordered a screen tablet online, the wacom cintiq 21UX. A week of anticipation, reading, and a few endless nights animating, it finally arrived.

At first, this 3000 dollar hardware did not seem to be on par with my expectations. It just felt a little too grand. However, after a few days animating away, it seemed to cut the amount of work in half!

I'm quite pleased with my new toy... However, the pricey thoughts come shuddering back once in a while.

Almost every single shot has been drawn out. As a matter a fact, 267 out of 274 shots... to be exact.
Scene 2 is 100% complete!
And test shots for the climactic fight are going really well.
I'm going to gather all the final shots together and think about creating a second trailer. Hoping to get comments on it! Critical reviews and what not.
Marc and Charles are as well at work on frames. Doing digital clean up and color fills. Thanks again to you two... you guys are awsome... I just wanna hug and kiss... and... I... I don't know what I'd do without you... I'm freaking tired! Get your work done! A WEEK LATE! sorry. I know you guys have a life. I'm freaking tired.

It's 2:31 in the morning. I've just completed three shots and all I can think about at this very moment is snuggling with my pillow and reading my graphic novel...


I may just go to bed.

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