Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sparky update!

Sparky has not really gone anywhere since the last short animated trailer.
Originally, the plan was to organize a comic anthology with five or six artists and writers doing their own take on the hero. Given the fact that all those working on this book are busy with school and life, it is hard to take time out and actually plan and create a short comic.
The idea of this anthology was to have each of the comics as a period piece. The anthology would start off with the origins of 'Sparky' which would be drawn like those comics of the 1940's. As the short stories go along, so do the times with the final comic ending in the 90's.

This project has seemed to turn into a side project. I fear that I may be illustrating the entire book with a change of style to every story. Given that this is a side project, it would probably be a while or possible never, till the final stages of Sparky.

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