Friday, August 21, 2009

Amulet 2!

Sorry about the lack of updates. Life has been pretty busy and I know things won't be slowing down for atleast another month. Tons of projects have been completed since I've blogged and I will update on those asap. But for now... Amulet 2!

Amulet 2 will reach bookstores and comic retailers next month! Both books read like a film. I found that I could not put it down till the very end - it would be like pausing a movie and coming back to it the next day... that just doesn't work. The first book was great and the second is even better! I highly recommend this series!

It's creator, Kazu Kibuishi, is one of my great inspirations along side with the Miyazaki! Kazu's works always seem to inspire me and I find myself filled with great motivation when working on a project.
Another one of my inspirations is the Flight series. This graphic novel is an anthology by many talented artists! It's essentially a base where artists allow their imaginations to thrive and spark.

If you have not read either Amulet or Flight, I recommend you pick those up! Get inspired and create!

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