Thursday, October 15, 2009

passion for creativity

I have the utmost respect for anyone who will constantly work at what they love – whether it be sports, art, or music.

No matter how terrible you are at something, you will keep going due to the very fact that you are in love with that particular something.

Because I am a filmmaker, I am going to be referring to film as an example.

I recently went to a film screening involving student films for a University film class. I am not one to judge due to the fact that I, like everyone else, am just a young student of the art. However, I will say without exaggeration, many of the films that night sucked.

Now I can list a number of reasons for this comment such as, editing techniques that did not work, sound problems, camera angles, and acting.

Although the films were terrible, I gladly, without hesitation, stood and applauded. Even through terrible editing techniques and awful sound, one can usually tell whether or not the creators enjoyed making that film.

One can usually see that particular spark within a work of art. It was not only clear to see but refreshing as well.

There are three types of people. Claim to fame, The Fearful, and the Passionate. Only one of these three has a chance at accomplishment.

Claim to fame.

I’ve had personal experiences with many people who claim titles.

Many are merely in love with a title rather than the art form behind it.

They want to be called an actor, or director, or producer. But they however, will never move a foot in the direction of that title.

I’ve had the unfortunate experiences of working with such people. They want their opinions to be heard due to their ‘titles.’ They force themselves into a work environment that just creates stress and unwanted anger.

Rule of thumb, if you want to be respected for what you advise, you have to have the experience behind your words.

The Fearful.

There are many artists who are too afraid to produce work. They use excuses like “I’m waiting till I have the resources to make my project, it has to be perfect!”

Bad news mate… it’s not going to be perfect.

If you want to do something, GO DO IT! And no matter how bad the end product is, keep creating because you love creating! Improvement is guaranteed to follow!

The Passionate.

The passionate will constantly create no matter what. They are not in love with a title, or fearful of their end product, but they love the whole process. They love the art of filmmaking, or the art of illustration, or the art of storytelling, or the art of acting. These are the types of people who will do whatever it takes to create and be creative no matter how bad situations get. They do not use excuses like “I don’t have time.”

If you want to do something, you make time!

These are the people I respect the most. They inspire and motivate.

If you are one of these people, no matter who you are, no matter how bad your work is, you have my utmost respects.

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