Monday, January 11, 2010

Astra's Melody Cover Art

SO!... Updates... Well, I've had, once again, the amazing opportunity to help out on Kazu Kibuishi's next graphic novel... Amulet 3! The flattening artists have just finished work on the book last week and almost all the pages have been colored. I must say that Amulet 3 is breathtaking and the story is once again amazing! I can not wait to get my issue of the book coming out in the summer I believe... more updates closer to the time.

Also, I've been working hard finalizing a storybook title Astra's Melody. It's a short picture book that I did just little under a year ago. (Cover up above) I've had many people asking if they could purchase a copy so I'd figured I'd attempt to get it published. I will be selling private copies of the book (perfect bound) some time next month. *limited edition! So let me know if any of you would like to purchase one.

And two days from now!... I will be teaching a manga art class at the Greater Victoria Art Gallery! I'm pretty excited to pass on knowledge of my experience in comics to younger kids, hopefully inspire them!

Anyways, these are all the updates for now, keep posted on more soon!

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