Sunday, March 22, 2009

Recent Happenings

I've recently been extremely busy with almost five different film productions.
One of which was a commercial competition for Doritos.
Task was to create a 30 second commercial for the new Doritos flavor.
Heres the link: Doritos ad!
If you can, please rate and comment! much appreciated!

Filmed at Industrial Island Fx.
Thanks to Simon Norton Game and Brook Hewlett.
Producer:Michael Dutson

Director:Denver Jackson/Dani Zaviceanu
Special Effects Director:Denver Jackson
DOP:Dani Zaviceanu
Animation: Denver Jackson

I was recently asked to do Storyboards for a short film title "Near Silence." This was the first time I have done boards for another production besides my own. It was a great learning opportunity and in the end, after the long hours of the day, I had a good time doing them!

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Mr. Smith said...

Sweet commercial, Denver!